Chicago PD Season 10 Cast May Have Spoiled Cliffhanger’s Resolve

Chicago PD Season 10 casting news may have spoiled Season 9’s big cliffhanger. NBC’s One Chicago franchise is back in production for its scheduled September 2022 comeback. Chicago PD, which will begin its monumental 10th year with its brand new episodes. Given the show’s dramatic Season 9 finale, expect Intelligence and Hank Voight to still be reeling from the death of CI Anna Avalos.

Since Chicago PD The Season 9 finale focused on Intelligence’s mission to take down Los Temidos, it left some long-gestating storylines unresolved, including the whereabouts of Kim Burgess and Adam Ruzek. The on-and-off couple on the show tried to do the right thing for Makayla, Kim’s adopted daughter, but it also forced them to completely re-examine their relationship and decide what the future holds. Towards the end of Chicago PD season 9, Ruzek comes up with a new set-up for their quasi-family. He buys a house from Kim and Makayla – his childhood home, no less. While he doesn’t insist on living with them, it’s still a big step to take, and with no response from Kim yet, fans of the show are waiting for what’s next for the couple.


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Luckily, it doesn’t look like viewers will have to wait until September to find out. A new cast (via @burzekpd) for Chicago PD season 10 reveals that the series is shooting a court scene and looking for extras who could fill the set. Add to that an image of Patrick Flueger dressed formally, and it looks like he’ll be heading to a hearing, potentially regarding Makayla’s adoption. This will make him at least a legal guardian for the child. Check out the image and casting announcement below:

Asked about this outstanding issue, Flueger correctly set fan expectations, saying that Ruzek and Burgess’ situation will not be resolved until Chicago PD season 10. It will, but if the couple do decide to live under one roof again, NBC is ensuring it will be worth the wait. For years, despite their obvious love for each other, the couple maintained a platonic relationship. It’s incredibly frustrating for those who still hold out hope that they’ll eventually get back together, because even though Chicago PD does not completely close the door to this possibility, nor does it do anything to actively bring them together.

Whether Chicago PD season 10 finally brings them together, it will be interesting to see if that means it will be for the long haul. With Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton now married, Ruzek and Burgess may possibly follow suit. They’ve been down this road before, but Makayla’s existence in their lives may be what ultimately motivates them to get married.

Source: @burzekpd/Twitter