Chicago Fire fans should be worried about Kelly Severide

On the heels of Chicago PD’s big cast shakeup, Chicago Fire fans should also be wary of Kelly Severide’s (Taylor Kinney) fate on the show.

fans of chicago fire should be worried about Taylor Kinney’s Kelly Severide. As one of the remaining original characters from the inaugural One Chicago show, the character is the face of the series. Throughout Kinney’s decade as the resident leader of Firehouse 51’s Rescue Squad 3, he’s been through a lot both professionally and personally.

come in chicago fire season 11, Severide is arguably at its most stable. He just married his longtime girlfriend Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) after several back and forths. He also does well at work, with Chief Boden (Eammon Jacobs) essentially treating him as his right-hand man in Firehouse 51. he would. come out unscathed. Suffice to say, it’s cause for celebration for those who have supported him for years, but it shouldn’t be.


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Instead, fans shouldn’t get too comfortable with the idea of ​​Severide continuing to live his best life in chicago fire. The recent news of Jesse Lee Soffer leaving in the middle of Chicago PD Season 10 is proof that no one is truly immune to these shows. Like Severide, Jay Halstead is considered one of the faces of police procedural being one of the remaining members of the original cast. Likewise, Halstead is also Hank Voight’s (Jason Beghe) right-hand man, with plans for the detective to take over the SVU in the future. Whether Chicago PD can lose someone as vital to its storytelling as Soffer has been, there’s a chance that chicago fire may also see the departure of Kinney. This is especially the case if the First Responder series lacks any interesting personal stories for the character to tell after all these years. Although it is unclear why Soffer’s Halstead is leaving Intelligence in Chicago PDyou don’t have to look far to know that even longtime main cast members can decide to leave a project because former Kinney co-star Jesse Spencer just left chicago fire midway through Season 10 after playing Matthew Casey for nearly a decade.

Will Chicago PD survive Halstead’s exit?

Along with being an original member of the Intelligence team, Halstead is also the moral center of the series. Losing him will no doubt have massive repercussions on how Voight runs his team going forward. That being said, the One Chicago police procedural is nothing new for the departing significant cast members. Sophie Bush Chicago PD season 4 after Erin Lindsay took a promotion from the FBI which forced her to move out. This is followed by Alvin Olinsky’s (Elias Koteas) heartbreaking death in prison, and then Jon Seda’s Antonio Dawson’s decision to go to jail. Chicago PD season 6 to deal with his worsening substance abuse issues. Amidst it all, Intelligence continued, still relentlessly taking down bad guys in an effort to make Chicago safer. So it’s safe to say the same will be true once Halstead is gone. Only time will tell how they will manage without him.

Soffer’s Reason Chicago PD the output is unknown. The actor and NBC have remained silent on this. Considering how Halstead is being set up to be the next Chief of Intelligence, not to mention his recent marriage, his departure could be his own decision. After all, maybe a decade of playing the same character is already starting to get boring. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Kinney could also start to feel the same way after being on chicago fire for so long. This means that, despite the importance of the role, Kelly Severide may not be immune to harm.

chicago fire season 11 and Chicago PD Season 10 premieres September 21 on NBC.