Burt Myers continues his winning streak at Bowman Gray

Burt Myers snapped his winless streak two weeks ago, and he continued the momentum on Saturday by winning the Brad’s Golf Cars Modified Series 100-lap race.

In doing so, Myers picked up his 86e win and finished just ahead of runner-up Tim Brown, who has 94 wins. Myers and Brown have combined for 21 championships – Brown has 11 after winning last year and Myers has 10.

“I said two weeks ago after those 50 laps, we found it by accident,” Myers said. “We put a package under the car. We qualified terribly in the 50-lap race, and we just threw something at it to see where we were. And it worked. We came back and took pole. next week.

“Tonight I really thought we were on track for pole but we went far. And the track was way too slippery for us. But I knew we had one hell of a race car.”

As for Brown, his winless streak this season continues.

“It’s unfortunate,” he said. “Running second and being as crazy as me, that’s pretty competitive of me. We’re doing everything we can do. It’s just – second sucks.”

Myers qualified sixth and ended up starting 11e after the field has been redrawn for the position. There was also the option of the Fans’ Challenge, where the top four qualifiers had the chance to go from the back with the chance of one or all four drivers having the chance to win $6,000.

Jason Myers, Burt’s brother, qualified first, followed by Brown, Chris Fleming and Lee Jeffreys. Fleming was the only one to complete the fan challenge and he finished ninth – so there will be $9,000 up for grabs in the next fan challenge on July 23.

“I hate that we couldn’t complete the challenge because I knew we could progress,” Burt Myers said.

Burt Myers said he would have entered the Fans’ Challenge had he qualified in the top four. It was also the night of double points in all divisions.

“We won two in a row with my family, my guys, my sponsors, everyone, but $6,000 would have been nice,” he said. “To stand there with that group of people and hold that trophy on a night like tonight. To come from 11th to do it is pretty special.”

Jeremy Gerstner started on pole, but Burt Myers moved up to fifth after less than 10 laps – and moved up to fourth after a lap 33 warning. Burt Myers finally moved up to third on lap 50.

“We knew starting indoors was going to be beneficial,” Burt Myers said. “The outside, you can see, is slowly starting to come in. Brandon (Ward) made it work and we made it work. He comes in slowly. The inside is always the preferred line. I knew if I kept it down and kept all four wheels upright, we were going to be in good shape.”

Ward led from lap 45 to lap 67, but Burt Myers passed Ward to take the lead.

Burt Myers held the lead until a warning on lap 82. In the double file restart, Burt Myers and Brown lined up side by side in the front row. But by the time they arrived to take to the green, race officials felt Burt Myers was getting a head start on the restart. Thus, they started again three times before the race continued.

“What they don’t understand is that they want us dead, even when we come out,” Burt Myers said. “It’s not that I’m jumping. It’s that when we go together the outside man has a disadvantage. So he slips and it looks like I’m jumping.

“We were shooting at the same time. So that’s not characteristic of the past here. So I could see where maybe they might think it looks like we’re jumping, but we’re going at the same time. It’s just that the outer man does not have the hold of the inner man.”

After the reboot, like many times in the past, it turned out to be a Burt Myers-Tim Brown finish.

“If he’s going to (restart) the race like that, you’re not going to beat (Burt Myers), you know what I mean, unless they do something about it,” Tim Brown said. . “Starts have been like this all year, so why not just set an example for someone?

“So if I ever take the lead. I’m going to start like that, and I’ll probably go to the back or something. It’s just frustrating. We had a better car. I think everyone knows, but he’s won two in a row and I haven’t won yet this year.

Ward was third and Jonathan Brown fourth.

“I was running at the same pace that I had been running all night,” Burt Myers said. “And I could run hard, kill my speed in the corners, feel (Tim Brown) bump into me and then accelerate. And then I kind of pushed him away, then started to pick him up with about 10 to go, and I had a nice, smooth pace there. Like I said, I knew if I just kept it deep and just did what I had to do, and like Bill Belichick (head coach of the Patriots of New England), said, “Do your job and we’ll hold the trophy”, and we did.”

It’s been a bad year for Burt Myers until the last two events. He entered the night eighth in the points standings, 80 points behind Ward for the lead.

“You know what, there’s no giving up on this team. We’re not going to give up. We’re going to keep digging. But we keep winning races, we keep getting the most points, don’t is this not ?”

The first 20-lap race of the McDowell Heating & Air series went without warning, and Chase Robertson was able to move from second to first early in the race to win.

Robertson, who is only 17, won his second race of the season.

Connor Branch finished second, Riley Neal third and Dylan Ward fourth.

“We definitely capitalized on the night of the doubles,” Robertson said.

In the second 20-lap Sportsman race, Zack Ore won his second race of the season after beating runner-up Tommy Neal.

“All of a sudden the caution came out, and I was like, ‘Let’s go,'” Ore said. “And then we got off to a good start, and then another warning came out, and I said, ‘Here’s Tommy.

“He got me clean. I ran him clean. We respect each other a lot.”

In the 20-lap race in the Law Offices of John Barrow Street Stock Series, Nate Gregg outlasted his father, Billy Gregg, to win the race – which was shortened to just 14 laps due to the time limit.

Nate Gregg, 18, won after surviving six cautions. It is also his second victory of the season.

“It’s awesome,” Nate Gregg said. “These guys love to run clean.”

Billy Gregg, who led Nate Gregg by two points before Saturday’s race, reversed the positions after doubling the points.

“That’s awesome, man,” Nate Gregg said. “Let’s all go here and have some more fun.”

David Creed finished third and Chris Allison fourth.

The 15-lap Stadium Stock race had a familiar winner after Brandon Brendle flew forward for his fourth win of the season.

He beat runner-up AJ Sanders, who is the points leader.

Wyatt Sapp started on pole but was passed by Blaine Curry in Turn 3 of Lap 2.

There was a warning in Lap 5 after Austin Cates and Matt Alley spun down the front stretch into the infield. Additionally, Curry was spun on the restart on lap 6, allowing Sapp to regain the lead.

Brendle then pressed Sapp’s bumper until he slid inside to take the lead.

“At this point we’re just trying to run for the wins,” Brendle said. “It wasn’t my cleanest run. I don’t know what happened on that restart. Blaine stopped and we all tried to stop. I hate that for Blaine.”

Sapp finished third and Stephen Sanders fourth.

Next Saturday night is the Truliant Federal Credit Union Night of Destruction presented by Q104.1, which includes a Monster Truck car crushing show, a demolition derby and races for all four divisions.

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