Bumper Cars Return to Fountain Square Ice Rink for Christmas and Winter in Cincinnati


Fountain Square brought back the hugely popular ice bumper cars from last year.Photo: Place de la Fontaine Facebook

Halloween is over, which means we’re immediately jumping into the holiday season. And the Fountain Square skating rink understood the mission.

The rink opened on November 1 and will be on site until February 22.

In addition to skate rentals, Fountain Square brought back the super popular bumper cars from last year, which will share the rink with traditional ice skating.

Customers can choose between two types of sessions – either a split rink, where one half is dedicated to ice skating while the other half is occupied by bumper cars, or skating only.

Reserve a time slot online ($ 15 for the split session and $ 10 for skating only).

Motorists can use the cars as many times as they like during their 90-minute session (a line will form to get on the route).

If you go for a split-rink session, you can go between cars and skate, but you can’t wear ice skates in the vehicle; all drivers of bumper cars must wear flat, closed shoes.

Concessions will be available and a heated tent on the rink side will provide snacks and drinks, including alcoholic beverages. Masks are mandatory inside the tent when you are not eating or drinking.

To see the free time slots and to book, go to myfontainesquare.com.

Fountain Square is located at 520 Vine St., Downtown.

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