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Humility is not a virtue we associate with the LA County Fair. The LA County Fair has established itself as one of the largest county fairs in North America. However, Pomona’s first trade fair in two years is only part of the old size and is not considered authentic. LA County Fair..

Instead, he Fair in bites, One of the best sample trays at the fair. It is designed as an aperitif to cheer us up until May 2022 when the fair returns with a regular buffet.

“This is a mini version of the LA County Fair,” spokeswoman Lenny Hernandez said. “We always have Some of your favorite foods, Some of my favorite vehicles. “

During the opening weekend last Sunday, “some” broke “none” and followed the path to the gate of the fair. Small fairs only take place three times on weekends, so the weather is a way of overtaking us. And in a series of presences that I do – more on that later – I didn’t want to risk missing out.

Open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday to September 26 from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Admission is $ 2, sold online, and parking is $ 10.

  • Lucas Chavez, 15, from Pomona, shares a basket of cheese-covered chips with his mother’s lineage on day one of a small fair at Pomona’s Fairplex on September 10. The fair takes place from Friday to Sunday from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. From the afternoon to September 26. (Photo courtesy of Will Lester, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin / SCNG)

  • The miniature version of the LA County Fair includes a special $ 3 cap on each booth, including this little doll whip mug. The scaled-down version of the fair is intended as a temporary event until the full event passes May 2022. (Photo courtesy of David Allen, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin / SCNG)

  • Carlos Polanco, 22, awaits his turn on the first day of a small fair, along with Montclair’s friend, Emily Romero, 19, at the Fairplex in Pomona on September 10. So I’m going to try Ring a Duck. Leicester, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin / SCNG)

  • LA County Fair’s most famous mascot, Thummer, greets patrons by the picnic table on Sunday. This scaled-down event, known as the Bite-Size Fair, is intended as a temporary event until the full event passes May 2022. (Photo courtesy of David Allen, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin / SCNG)

  • Regular customers pass the entrance sign on Sunday at the LA County Fair’s bite-size event. This scaled-down version of the fair is intended as a temporary event until the full event passes May 2022. (Photo courtesy of David Allen, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin / SCNG)

This fun-sized version of the fair is a patch of asphalt near the NHRA Drag Race, taking place in the northern area of ​​the venue. There are about 20 restaurants, about 12 rides, intermediate games, and vendors. Everything is outside.

What is missing: animals, exhibits, live music. And on this subject, a demonstration of miraculous products like mops and food processors. No one seems to want to stand in the scorching sun and see someone chopping peppers.

I walked through a row of food stalls. You’ll see the basic Fair Trade food groups: Corn, Bacon, Funnel Cake, Turkey Thighs, Nacho, Ice Cream, Pork Ribs, and other Dippin’Dots.

King Tacos, Chicken Charlies, Texas Donuts, Tasty Chips and my favorite pink hot dog, the famous Los Angeles restaurant are back.

I had my usual chili dog with cheese and onions. The name of my celebrity in the sequence was Gerard Butler.

“Gérard Butler! A few minutes later, an employee called. It’s me, thank you. And the dog was delicious.

All the stalls have bites for $ 3. I decided to try one for dessert. The doll whip stand has a small $ 3 cup. First, I heard the Google name “Dole Whip” without knowing what it is. I used to draw whipped cream.

The sign on the booth is that Doll Whip is “Gluten Free!” Dairy free! Vegan! ” After all, I’m sorry to repeat the information you already know, but Doll Whip is a low-calorie dessert similar to sherbet. So I got the $ 3 version. It was refreshing, not too sweet and about the size of the price.

Most meals were served at a picnic table in the literal shadow of the NHRA grandstand. At 4:30 p.m. it was 97 degrees and the shade was relieved.

Vehicles have also been reduced. The Ferris wheel was so small that an acrophobic columnist could have climbed on it, so why take this opportunity?

A vehicle that looks like a round, shiny green spaceship is called an alien abduction. Turn. The runners imagine leaving without memory of kidnapping, other than the vague memory of an investigation which required five additional tickets.

There are carousel-shaped loops, motorcycles in sparkling colors, VW bugs and tractor-drawn children’s rides. Of course, the actual carousel. They are the only horses at the fair.

Vendors sell products such as jerky, old CDs, pistachios, and colorful socks. One booth has an inch by inch jewelry banner. In inches? “Honey, look at that chain I bought for you?” I love you 2 inches. Wait, why are you crying?

Forest Lawn also has a booth with the motto “Today is tomorrow”. Everyone seemed to give him a heavy sleeper. At the fair, no one thinks about tomorrow. We are alive at this time.

The opening day was 3,300, Saturday 10,200 and Sunday 7,400. There was no risk of exceeding the capacity limit of 20,000.

“It was a great and quiet mini-fair,” Hernandez said on Sunday.

The focus is on organizing the 100th Anniversary Fair in May 2022, as the fair staff has been significantly reduced due to the lack of events and income.

But the Fairplex board “always wanted to do something for us,” which led to a bite-sized fair, Hernandez told me. “We didn’t want September to pass after 99 years. People are very used to the September fair.

Since arriving here in 1997, I have attended 23 consecutive shows. Last year’s fair was dark and no one was defeated in a row. However, I Last September, I visited the vacant lot with Hernandez and then CEO Miguel Santana., They confirmed that my line continued.

“This is what the 2020 show looks like. You have experienced it. Santana said at that time.. “And you got into a vehicle. You got on a golf cart.

A bite-sized fair isn’t considered an official LA County numbered fair – Hernandez called it “our .5 fair” – but I insisted that I only cover myself. -same. low. What if there were sanctions rules that are important even at informal trade shows?

(I don’t know what that organ is. Supreme Court? Texas? Texas donuts standing?)

And, of course, I love fairs. That’s all the excuses I need.

Granted, many of my favorites, such as exhibits, art, and garden railroads, were missing. Oh, and the juicy barbecue taped ad. Playback of the loop through the speakers begins with a cheerful good old boy voice. “If you’re hungry, if your belly button touches your spine, come to Juicy’s!”

However, real trade shows can be overwhelming. The bite-size fair is not only seaworthy, but also a kind of peace of mind. There is no pressure. At this point in the pandemic, we are hosting low-key, uncrowded events. This is an LA County Fair that we didn’t know we needed.

Is it possible that the Little September Fair itself is an annual event?

“Some people have thought about it,” Hernandez replied. “I think this will be our only bite-size fair, but never say it.”


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