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The Internet has changed people’s lives. People have long been ordering food, clothing, games and even cars over the net. The banks have also followed the zeitgeist and now offer their services on the Internet. So one can inform oneself broadly about different loans and request these partially. But there are differences. Not always has an installment loan been ordered online if you think you have done so.

Order your online installment loan now

All German banks have been present on the net for years. You can find out about their entire product portfolio on their websites, but what people are most interested in is the ability to order an installment loan online at For it has been shown that the inhibition of people to order a loan on the net is lower than to do this eye to eye with a clerk. Precisely for this reason, not all German banks make it possible to arrange an installment loan online, but offer the options of either ordering informational materials only, placing a provisional application, or even arranging an appointment for a consultation.

The belief behind it is that loans agreed after consultation are based on a more solid foundation. In this way, one can find a way for the borrower to get optimal repayment terms, but also benefit the financial institution, as a clerk can personally verify whether the claimant really knows which obligations and burdens associated with a loan. The banks offering credit counseling online are against the risk of losing customers if they are not given this option.

The installment loan online: Internet banks put pressure

The installment loan online: Internet banks put pressure

These financial institutions are particularly afraid of internet banks. They have several advantages: they do without a store business in the Federal Republic, therefore one can order them an installment loan exclusively online and they offer particularly favorable loan conditions. So it is not uncommon that internet banks from abroad offer loans without examining the credit bureau entry. In this way, the customer beckons the opportunity to get a particularly good credit on his desired path. How well this concept works, showed the years 2010 and 2011. During this time, the number of customers, the size of sales and the size of the profits of the major Internet banks (often dubbed as a direct bank) have increased without exception.

Order an installment loan online: The pleasing conclusion for the customer

The success of Internet banks means that traditional banks online must also be more active online. This development is extremely pleasing for the customer because that is how the offers and service increase. In many classic banks, customers can order an installment loan online, but they can also seek advice if they so wish and seek additional expert advice along the way. The Internet has made finance more customer-friendly.

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