Best movies and TV shows on HBO Max this weekend (May 7-8, 2022)

For Mother’s Day, give the best gift that all moms want: an HBO Max gift card. HBO Max is celebrating all moms this weekend by introducing its own category of movies and TV shows dedicated to motherhood. Moreover, the Dragon House trailer and hype means going back to the The iron Throne train, no matter how his last season went.

Since the start of a long The iron Throne journey to exciting stories of motherhood, here are the best movies and TV shows to watch on HBO Max this weekend.

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The staircase premieres on a high note from True Crime

Another detective mini-series, because no one is sick of it, right? Either way, they keep coming, and HBO Max isn’t slowing down with them anytime soon, even after Deputy Tokyo‘s mixed reviews. The staircase premiered in three episodes this week as one of the best new shows of May, so HBO knew what they were doing to make it a binge-worthy watch. Based on a true story and the 2004 true crime documentary series of the same name, The staircase follows novelist Michael Peterson, who was convicted of murdering his wife, Kathleen Peterson.

True kind of crime can get boring, but The staircaseThe cast makes up for that. Colin Firth and Toni Collette star as the soon-to-be-doomed married couple, Sophie Turner finds herself in HBO’s heartland as a surrogate daughter, and Michael Stuhlbarg as David Rudolf, who represented Peterson at trial. The trailer for The staircase shows the blended family choosing sides over whether or not Michael committed the crime, which will cause most of the tension in the series.

Dear Evan Hansen is now available on HBO Max

Dear Evan Hansen sparked controversy upon its initial release after choosing to keep Ben Platt (who is in his late twenties) for a teenage character in high school. The controversy sparked a conversation about nepotism in Hollywood seeing that Platt’s father is a producer on the film adaptation. Nevertheless, the Dear Evan Hansen movie is the accessible movie for those who can’t see the show on Broadway, even if it’s a little disappointing.

Originally a Tony Award-winning Broadway show, Dear Evan Hansen was adapted for the screen and released on HBO Max earlier this week. The coming-of-age musical film finds 17-year-old Evan Hansen wrapped in a lie as he struggles with social anxiety disorder and yearns to connect with his peers and fall in love. Despite Platt’s poorly received performance, there are notable performances from Kaitlyn Dever (who previously stunned on Hulu’s Dope), Amy Adams and Julianne Moore.

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Big Little Lies makes motherhood thrilling

This Mother’s Day, sit back and swallow it all big little lies. That might be an easy task, given the big mystery and Season 1 cliffhanger that leaves big questions that demand answers. With a star-studded cast of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoë Kravitz, it’s hard to hate this show.

big little lies follows the lives of five mothers in Monterey, California who become embroiled in a murder investigation. But underneath the scandals and the fear of being caught, there is a story of motherhood. The efforts of these mothers to protect and defend their children are torturous, but it’s instructive to see such fire through a predominantly female cast. There hasn’t been any news since 2019 about a third season of the show (and it definitely needs one), but the two seasons HBO has now are masterpieces at their best.

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Crazy Rich Asians is a celebration of motherhood

Another must-have for this Mother’s Day, boobies rich asian brings a respectable tone to motherhood in Asian cultures. Rather than being purely defined as mere immigrants or overbearing conservative mother bears, boobies rich asian finds a happy medium for his mothers.

boobies rich asian follows economics professor Rachel Chu as she travels to Singapore to attend the wedding of her boyfriend’s best friend. What she finds there is a tense and surprising fact that her boyfriend comes from old money and is basically Singapore royalty. Rachel is put in a difficult decision when her boyfriend’s mother doesn’t approve of their relationship, considering that Rachel comes from a modest lifestyle in New York. Although the film initially portrays the mother in a controlling light, it opens as a dedication to mothers (much like It’s us did), who work tirelessly to create a perfect life for their children while being true to their respective cultures.

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It’s the perfect time to binge on Game of Thrones

the The iron Throne prequel Dragon House is slated to premiere in August, so May might be a good time to revisit the original series or start it for the very first time. The iron Throne probably won’t be a prerequisite for watching Dragon Housebecause the prequel tries to separate itself from its parent series, but The iron Throne gives a comprehensive overview of the noble houses and traditions that will be seen in Dragon House.

The iron Throne follows the noble families of fictional Westeros with three main overlapping storylines at once: an exiled member of the royal family struggling to reclaim his throne, families fighting in political and bloody wars in the Seven Kingdoms, and the military Night’s Watch protecting the realm from living and dead forces. Compared to the rest of the series, the first season of The iron Throne is most useful when entering Dragon House. Season 1 acts as a prologue, introducing the houses and wars that took place years before the show’s present day. With intricate world-building and tons of characters to traverse, it’s the perfect guide to the world of Westeros and all of its fantastical conflict and adventure.

The Blair Witch Project, Snowpiercer and other movies and TV shows on HBO Max this weekend

The Blair Witch Project, Snowpiercer and other movies and TV shows on HBO Max this weekend

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