Ariana Grande shares rare glimpse of her married life with Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande gave fans and subscribers a glimpse into her life with new husband Dalton Gomez, and it looks like the two made a very happy home together.

Ari shared a carousel of photos on her Instagram channel, many of which were snapshots of herself, her friends, Dalton and their dogs. “Some old and new but… I love these,” Ariana wrote on Instagram Stories of the photos.

In the first image, Ariana is seen at work in the kitchen with her mom Joan, chopping onions. Slipping through the carousel reveals many photos of cute dogs, including one with his good friend Doug Middlebrook and another of Joan’s poodles, and several shots of Dalton. In one photo, Ari and Dalton kiss in front of what looks like a rainforest, and in another, at the far end of the carousel, they are caught kissing in the kitchen. (Ariana must have completed her hash tasks.)

We’ve seen a little more Dalton on Ariana’s social media lately, though the couple lead relatively private lives. On her birthday, she shared a few photos from their wedding and honeymoon with IG Stories, including one of the happy couple nestled in wooden Dutch clogs. “Happy birthday to my husband and best friend!” She wrote. “I love you infinitely.”

She had previously shared a handful of honeymoon photos from their time in the Netherlands, as well as gorgeous photos from their intimate wedding in May.

It seems like married life is pure bliss for Ariana and Dalton and we couldn’t be happier for them, their families and friends, and all of those adorable dogs. We can’t wait to see the next photo dump.

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