An investor from Kuwait decided to build the largest amusement park in Bosnia and Herzegovina

An investor from Kuwait “Bosnat the ocima Gulfa” doo Sarajevo plans to build an amusement park in Sarajevo, which will be the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)as well as in the region.

An amusement park that would include, among other things, a roller coaster, a death train, a falling tower, a Ferris wheel, an ice rink, go-karts for children and adults, a digital illusion room, a bowling, an arcade machine room and more than 50 devices for children and adults, a playground, a cafe-restaurant and a birthday room, a few days ago it received its outline in the project which will be carried out in the Canton Sarajevo (CS) over an area of ​​30.000 square meters.

This is content that follows global trends and that negotiations are underway with different levels of government to bring the project to fruition, and the value of the investment is around 15 million euros.

Namely, IIt is planned to employ nearly 200 workers in the amusement park, which will greatly contribute to the development of local communities and the enrichment of the tourist offer, since the facilities will be accessible to both the local population and to those who come to our country.

The seriousness of this project is also indicated by the fact that “Bosna u ocima Gulfa» worked in BiH for five years and has been serving tourists in terms of tourism, hospitality and real estate, with an emphasis on cooperation with local businesses and the population.

The director of this company, Hamad Alajmi, said that they regularly participate in projects supporting local communities in BiH and that he has seen the tourism potential of the country in which he invests enormous efforts, from promotion to the construction of infrastructure.

In an interview he underline that daily almost 20 million followers on the social networks, which he manages, see the beauty of BiH that he promotes and that many of them come to our country every day.

“I’m convinced that BiH is a hidden pearl worth investing in. Bosnians are hard-working, warm and hospitable people, and I am particularly impressed that everywhere we go, even if they don’t know me, they invite me over and ‘stop by’ for a coffee”, Alajmi said.

As He had been discoveredthere is already a location that has been proposed for the construction of the amusement park, and domestic and foreign companies will participate in the construction, writes