All able to enjoy the playground

Purtle Park Adventure Playground’s Helen Purtle spins PALS customers Fred Oldaker and Dwayne Wittingslaw on Adventure Playground’s new all-abilities gear.

People of all abilities can now enjoy the Purtle Park Adventure Playground in Mulwala with the first all-abilities equipment, a carousel installed and ready to go.

The 2.3 meter carousel play unit for all abilities with a level entry design to cater for wheelchair entry, seating for users who cannot/do not wish to stand to ride, and a non-slip rubber surface has now been in place for a few weeks and has had great feedback from all users.

Helen Purtle of Purtle Park Adventure Playground said she and her husband Robert ‘Possum’ Purtle of Mulwala Progress Association of All Abilities Park were happy to have something in the playground that everyone could utilize.

“We are delighted that the carousel has finally been installed,” Ms Purtle said.

“It’s a great piece of equipment that ensures everyone can enjoy the playground. It’s another great addition.

“We would like to thank PALS, the Eva May Foundation, the Alexander Park Committee and the Mulwala Water Ski Club for their contributions and help in obtaining this wonderful equipment, as well as the Council of the Federation and Enviroculture who were the contractors .

“We are very lucky that the community gives so much.

“The equipment adds to the playground and the park and ensures that whoever visits, they can have a great time.

“Mums with toddlers they don’t want to take out of the pram or stroller can also use the carousel with their older children as the space inside the carousel itself is wide enough for a chair. wheel, walker or pram with a handrail.”

PALS CEO Julie Brooks said she, PALS staff and customers in particular are delighted that everyone can use this valuable attraction for Mulwala and the Mulwala Lake foreshore.

“Our customers are delighted with the installation of the All-abilities carousel. It’s such a fantastic inclusion to the park and I know it will be used by many people with reduced mobility for whatever reason,” Ms Brooks said.

“I am so thrilled with the support this Yarrawonga/Mulwala community has contributed to the cost of purchasing and installing the carousel.

“On behalf of the Board and everyone at PALS, I especially thank the Mulwala Water Ski Club who donated the largest sum of money to this project.

“Also the Yarrawonga/Mulwala Golf Club and of course the Purtle family who without their involvement the park wouldn’t be here at all.

“Remember that communities are judged on how they treat the most vulnerable in their community and I think everyone who has contributed to this project can hold their heads up high.”

The all-level ride has a seat for those who use a walker or don’t wish to stand, to be able to sit while still being wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair or pram.

Federation Council Mayor Pat Bourke added that the addition of the new All-Ability Carousel will definitely be another pull card feature for the incredible adventure game on offer at Purtle Park.

“This adventure playground is so much more than we ever envisioned and is an asset the Federation Council is proud to have for the betterment of our council area,” he said. .

“The entire park continues to be driven by community initiative and passion and I look forward to visiting the site once the new carousel is in place.

“It is sure to provide many hours of enjoyment for our young residents and visitors to the Mulwala area for many years to come.”