A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2 Characters Introduced

Mihoyo gave details on the characters and location of Chapter 2 of A Post-Honkai Odyssey Honkai Impact 3rd. Bronya Zaychik will work alongside three allies while fighting in the new area of ​​False Bay.

New illustrations and gifs introduced some of the main characters and allies. For example, APHO protagonist Adam showed up alongside Silverwing: N-EX Bronya. The two new characters are supporters Timido Cute and Lyle Collodi. Timido is a character who deals ice damage. She has a figure skater motif. His attacks involve kicking. She also “skates” while fighting. Lyle is described as a “standby” sniper.

As for False Bay, it offers a slightly less urban atmosphere. Instead, it feels like a vacation spot reclaimed by nature. People can see a Ferris wheel while exploring. There will also be ruins of buildings and structures from what stood before.

There is also a Honkai Impact 3rd 5.4 flow on the way. People can catch it for more on the update, which includes A Post-Honkai Odyssey Chapter 2, on January 8, 2022.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available for PCs and Android and Apple iOS devices. A Chapter 2 of Post-Honkai Odyssey will be released on January 13, 2022.