12 2021 TV show cancellations that still sting: Prodigal Son and more

American Gods Season 3 – Courtesy of Jasper Savage / STARZ

The 12 TV show cancellations that happened in 2021 that we’re still salted about

Every television season brings disappointing news. We find out that some of our favorite TV shows are being canceled. Certain TV show cancellations certainly sting more than others.

This list examines the 2021 cancellations that are still stinging now. These are shows that were abruptly canceled, rather than those that ended on their own. That means Absence fans, I am not including him in this list. I have another show that we’ll miss, but Absence completed as expected and I can’t be salty about it.

Also, this does not include shows that were ultimately recorded. So, Manifesto fans, don’t expect to see the series on this list. Netflix saved it for an oversized final season, which is in the works.

This is all about the shows that have been canceled and we will not have an end. There are some where the showrunners share what the plans were, and others that we’ll never know. Here are the 12 TV show cancellations of 2021 that sure still sting.

12. American gods

How many seasons: 3

Network on which it was broadcast: STARZ

How it ended: The series ended on a major cliffhanger, and it’s a cliffhanger that we will always stay with. Okay, so the book continues the story, but it’s not the same when we saw this series come to life on our screens.

After spending the entire season trying to keep Lakewood low, Shadow Moon had to embrace who he really is. With Mr. Mercredi’s death, Shadow decided to hold the vigil, which meant hanging from the World Tree for nine days. It would kill a mortal, but he should have survived if he could have unleashed his potential as a god.

Why it still stings: I know that American gods Seasons 2 and 3 weren’t as popular as the first season. However, I loved the development of the third season and couldn’t wait to see where things would go for Shadow Moon. Would he survive? Would he unleash his potential?

Now we’ll never know how the story would continue. Sure, the book told me, but I wanted to see this continue on screen.