10 moments from season 1 that fans totally forgot

One of TLC’s most popular shows, 90 day fiancé has turned many of its cast members into real celebrities. Popular figures like Chantel Everett and Darcey Silva even have their own spinoff reality shows, The Chantel family and Darcey and Stacey, respectively.

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With 90 Day Betrothedplethora of spinoff shows, it can be easy to forget the season that started it all. While original actors like Paola and Russ have made several appearances, others like Mike and Aziza rarely return on the show. Even the toughest 90 day fiancé fans may have forgotten some of the best moments of Season 1.


Paola Mayfield meets her in-laws

Paola Mayfield-hair-transformation-dark-young-90 Day Fiancé

Since their debut in Season 1, Paola and Russ have become regular faces of the series. Fans adore the happy couple – and even think they deserve a 90 day fiancé spin offbut some forget their first season. Paola came to the United States from Colombia to be with Russ after the two met at a party abroad.

Viewers may have gotten used to Paola and Russ merging their lives and raising a family, but the two had to go through some hurdles to get there. When Paola first arrives in the United States, she and Russ live with her parents as they settle into their life together and save for their wedding. The two have dinner with Russ’s parents, and the meeting is painfully awkward. While Paola now gets along with Russ’s family, audiences forget how her reserved mother struggles to adjust to bubbly Paola when they first meet.

Aya and Louis Gattone go to the amusement park

Louis holding a phone for Aya to look at in 90 Day Fiance

Fans of 90 day fiancé perhaps forgotten the season 1 alumni Aya and Louis Gattone. Like many actors, the couple met online through dating apps. A native of Ormoc, Philippines, Aya faces the challenge of adjusting to American culture when she arrives in Indianapolis to be with Louis.

One of the most heartwarming moments of their romance is when the two have a date at an amusement park in Season 1. Culture shock has rarely been as fun as when the two take a ride on the autos. bumper. Louis has to remind Aya of the rules of the journey after she apologizes for running into another car, telling her that’s what they’re here for.

Aziza and Mike Eloshway taste wedding food

Aziza watches a smiling Mike in 90 Day Fiance

In Season 1, Aziza flies away from Russia to marry Mike in his home state of Ohio. The two have been together long after their season on the show, but fans watching their introduction may not have bet that their relationship will go the distance. Their age difference was a factor, as Aziza is one of the youngest 90 day fiancé cast members.

Adapting to different cultures is a challenge that many couples face 90 day fiancé, but when Aziza and Mike prepare their wedding, the shock sometimes seemed too strong to them. When the couple meet an organizer to sample their wedding food, Aziza is put off by the options and doesn’t take a single bite. Fans may have blocked off the awkward wedding planning scene, but luckily for Aziza and Mike, the wedding itself was a success.

Alan and Kirlyam Cox play charades

Kirlyam and Mike play charades on 90 Day Fiance

Alan and Kirlyam were introduced in Season 1 of 90 day fiancé and were featured in two other seasons. Plus, they came back for spinoffs like 90 day fiancé: what now? Fans have seen the couple go through their ups and downs since meeting, but some of their best moments are in Season 1.

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Fans may have forgotten about Alan and Kirlyam’s early days, when the two spent time together in the United States. Alan creates a memorable scene when he suggests they play charades with his parents. The storyline seems ripe for awkward interaction, but they all seem to be having a good time in an enjoyable, healthy time, something that becomes rarer as the series continues. It’s no wonder some fans find them 90 days Betrothedmost heartwarming couples.

Russ and Paola Mayfield do tailgating

Russ Mayfield interviewed in 90 Day Fiance

Russ and Paola face the challenges that all couples face 90 day fiancé during season 1: tThey share difficult times with their families, sort out financial issues leading up to their marriage, and adjust to life together. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t having fun.

When Paola and Russ do tailgating, she is introduced to an unmistakable American celebration. Plus, the two go to an Oklahoma State Cowboys game, where the vast majority of fans show up in football gear. Paola and Russ wear the team colors, and they seem to let the stress of the wedding fade away and enjoy getting ready for the game.

Louis Gattone talks about Aya to his ex

Aya and Louis seem to get along better than most couples in Season 1 of 90 day fiancé. However, ex-partners are enough to shake even the foundations of the most solid relationship. Louis meets his ex-wife to let her know about his upcoming marriage, and she is more than skeptical of Aya.

Louis’ ex-wife asks him if Aya is a “mail order bride,” before slicing her hair down on the definition when Louis tells her that Aya is in the United States for love. The confrontation is awkward, but Louis holds firm when he explains his relationship with Aya. He tells his ex that some people’s ignorance might cause them to disapprove of his future wife, but that he and Aya are in love. However, when Louis reassures his ex that their children will not be harmed by his remarriage, the two end the conversation peacefully. And true to his word, Louis and Aya have come the distance.

Mike Eloshway’s bachelorette party

90 Day Fiancé Olivia Mike Aziza Eloshway

Weddings are often a focal point on 90 day fiancé, but there are usually other celebrations to be had before the big day. Couples have been seen celebrating baby shower, baby shower and even birthdays on the show. However, stag and hen parties are often the best television.

Many engaged people look forward to these parties almost as much as their weddings, and audiences were thrilled to see what would happen to Mike in Season 1. However, no one expected what actually happened. When the bride-to-be goes missing, Aziza doesn’t take the news well and fans were even more worried about their marriage. However, they seem to have lived happily ever after, as Aziza and Mike are now parents.

Paola Mayfield’s bachelorette party

Paola Mayfield 90 Day Fiancé

Paola embraces the celebrations leading up to her wedding despite being a foreigner in Russ’ hometown in Oklahoma. The Colombian native is a soldier who holds on when he meets Russ’s family and friends. However, she is really put to the test when she embarks on her bachelorette party.

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Paola is far from her relatives in Colombia and may have wondered who she would celebrate her bachelorette party with. However, some of Russ’s cousins ​​take Paola to town on a party bus, showing her how brides-to-be traditionally do it in the United States. Paola is skeptical but relaxes on the dance floor with the girls while Russ tells fans about his boring night.

Aya and Louis go wedding dress shopping


For many brides, planning for the wedding day begins with the dress. However, not everyone can afford the perfect outfit for their special day. Louis and Aya are like many couples on 90 day fiancé who have a strict budget to stick to when planning their wedding.

Viewers may have forgotten how difficult shopping seems for Aya and Louis when choosing her wedding dress. The couple dance around financial issues talking to a planner until Louis tells them he’s looking for something in the $ 300 range. The seller’s eyes widen with his suggestion, and Aya worries that she won’t have the wedding she’s dreaming of.

Kirlyam and Alan’s honeymoon

Kirlyam & Alan Cox: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

There is a major build-up until the wedding night for any potential married couple. We see the excitement building for all the couples on 90 day fiancé, but no one has more to look forward to than Kirlyam and Alan in Season 1. After they shared a Mormon wedding, they took to a scenic beach to celebrate their union.

Kirlyam and Alan are virgins when they get married. Their separate interviews on their wedding night, along with TLC’s playful soundtrack, create sweet moments. However, the two ultimately share their anticipation of what is sure to be one of the most memorable experiences of their marriage.

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