10 Doctor Who Big Finish moments that will shock you

Doctor Who at Big Finish has been around since 1999 and over the past 22 years the company has produced a number of shocking moments that could rival some of the greatest in the television series. Beginning in June 2021, Big Finish posted stories working with All Doctors from Tom Baker to David Tennant, with other stories still featuring others whose actors don’t or can’t reprise the roles.

Over the years, the Doctor Who drama has been incredibly high with Big Finish, increasing the quality year on year. And where there is drama, there are shocking moments. Whether it’s character reveals, storytelling developments, or general cliffhangers, there are some moments in Big Finish that really rock the fandom. With several Doctor Who releases per month, there is plenty to talk about, not to mention their back catalog.

With the audio format, certain moments, without accompanying visuals, are all the more shocking as the dialogues and soundscapes take you on adventures in space and time.

Here are ten Doctor Who Big Finish moments that will SHOCK you!

Important spoilers to watch …

The final moments of Doom Coalition’s penultimate release put the Doctor and his companions in great peril in the series’ final set. It’s rare for a Doctor Who story to end in a situation that seems so hopeless.

The story in question sees the Eighth Doctor and River Song in disguise aboard the titular Crucible of Souls where they believe they get to the bottom of the end-of-universe plot. The Crucible was an invention of the Doom Coalition, a secret organization of Time Lord, which would take the life energy of people at the end of the universe and convert it into energy of regeneration to make the Time Lords immortal.

In the final moments, it is revealed that an old school friend of the Doctor, Padrac, is in fact the leader of the Coalition. He orders the Doctor in disguise to wire his friends Liv and Helen into the Crucible to take their life energy. However, Padrac has seen through the Doctor’s disguise and has actually trapped the TARDIS team in an evacuation shuttle, which is then ejected into a nonexistent future. Upon his victory, Padrac tells the captured River Song, “I won!”, Adding to the Doctor’s potential demise.

Obviously being Doctor Who, the Doctor and his friends won’t be lost forever, but sitting on that cliffhanger for over six months was excruciating. What was also most satisfying about this story was that it wasn’t resolved quickly, instead, the opening of Doom Coalition’s final set saw the desperate team at TARDIS perform. a three-handed story, trying to escape their fate, which we don’t know is successful. up to almost half of the whole.

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