10 Burning Questions Fans Are Asking After The Second Half Of Season 11

With the second half of the final season of The Walking Dead already in the books, fans are clamoring for not only how the story will end, but also what will happen to favorite main characters. The second half ended on a cliffhanger, with the future of the Commonwealth hanging in the air.

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There are still plenty of stories to be told from all angles and many burning questions that need to be answered once the season resumes in the fall.

Where Negan and Maggie end up

Negan and Maggie walking through the forest together on The Walking Dead.

While actor Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, confirmed in an episode of the Talking Dead post-show talk show that Negan and Maggie are not friends in the planned spin-off starring the two, fans always want to know what position they will be in with another.

Maggie finally started to trust Negan, as she stated in the last episode of the second half. But it was also out of necessity as he was the only person available to take care of her son Hershel while she took care of business. The two continue to be at odds, and one of the things Negan needs to work out before the end of The Walking Dead is the whole situation with Maggie.

Where Carol and Daryl end up

Carol and Daryl in The Walking Dead

Carol and Daryl are fan-favorite characters and share a bond unlike any other character on the show. But they both did their own thing over the past season, rarely seen together.

With another spin-off confirmed featuring the two, it’s certain they’ll both survive. But will they travel together or will they have their stories told from two different places? Will they ever return to the strong bond they once had? Fans want to see some type of growth in the friendship.

What will be the impact of the newspaper article?

Pamela Milton presents at the Commonwealth, smiling in a scene from The Walking Dead.

At the end, Pamela was livid about the front page of The Commonwealth newspaper with the article written by Connie which stated that she was lying to her residents. It was all part of a plot led by Eugene to bring down the Commonwealth and expose the truth. Max played a big part in this by stealing confidential files to help and it’s only a matter of time before Pamela finds out.

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The fallout is sure to be massive, leaving Pamela to deal with not only whatever Hornsby does behind her back, but the uproar it will almost certainly cause among the people.

Did Sebastian know what Max was doing?

Sebastian looks scared in The Walking Dead.

The scene with Sebastian barging into Pamela’s office looking for her mother to find Max looking suspiciously guilty couldn’t have been insignificant. While it seemed like he was too wrapped up in his own feelings to notice that she was doing something she shouldn’t, there was also a flicker of recognition that he might have realized something was wrong. not.

Is he betraying Max to curry favor with the mother whose attention he desperately seeks? Chances are he will. The character may have a big part to play in how Pamela ends up putting two and two together.

Will Princess and Mercer stay together?

The Princess and Mercer lock arms, she wearing a crown and he a costume in a scene from The Walking Dead.

Forget if these two new characters will survive: what fans want to know the most is whether they will stay together or not. Mercer is one of the supporting characters in The Walking Dead with the energy of the main character. And his relationship with Princess is one of the sweetest and most honest ever portrayed on the show. Living in the Commonwealth, which most closely resembles a pre-apocalypse society, they face the same challenges they might have in the real world. And they talk about their problems among themselves.

It’s a refreshing relationship that fans are totally behind and want to see more of. The hope is not just that both characters survive to the end, but that they have a fairytale-like ending.

What is Hornsby’s fate?

Hornsby standing outside looking suspicious in a scene from The Walking Dead.

Hornsby is clearly the main antagonist of the final season, a power-drunk man who is tired of being number two and leading a peaceful existence in the Commonwealth. He wants to own it all, and with everything that’s happened in the first half of Season 11, he’s no longer willing to wait to put his plan into motion.

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It’s highly likely that Hornsby will also die before the series ends, but there are still plenty of stories to be told with the character. Fans want to see what’s up with him, who he might knock out before he gets knocked out, and how far he’ll go to get what he wants.

Will Negan’s baby be born?

Negan with his hand on Annie's back in a scene from The Walking Dead.

If Negan’s baby is successfully born, that means he would be a father with a child in the already-confirmed spin-off series with Maggie. This adds an entirely different dimension to the series and will spark many conversations about the subject matter of the series to come.

Fans are curious not only about the baby, but also about his wife Annie. Negan losing another wife would be not only devastating but overwhelming for the character, especially at a time when he seemed to finally come to terms with the grief of losing his first wife and atone for all he had done wrong. But losing a baby would almost certainly bring back the bat-wielding monster it once was.

Will the Commonwealth survive?

Norman Reedus as Daryl in The Walking Dead Commonwealth

It’s possible that even after tons of bloodshed, the Commonwealth could survive, although that might look very different. If the main group emerges victorious and Pamela and Hornsby are ousted, the Commonwealth has a good chance of continuing to exist under the leadership of someone like Maggie or even Mercer.

Whatever the outcome, fans want to know if the cute community with its petting zoo, movie theater and ice cream shop will remain intact. Or will he go the way of Alexandria which was, at one time, one of the best communities on The Walking Dead?

What happened to Luke?

Luke smiles broadly in a scene from The Walking Dead.

Fans haven’t forgotten about Luke, who joined the show along with the rest of Magna’s band. He became a member of Alexandria and then Hilltop. But he was last seen in season 10 hugging Jules after being found out by Carol and Lydia that everything was fine.

The actor who plays Luke, Dan Fogler, joked that Luke has probably been quietly teaching music lessons at Oceanside this whole time, according to looper. Luke is one of The Walking Dead characters who are due to return before the show ends, and it is suspected that he will, according to digital spy. So, fans want to know where he’s been all the time and in what context he will reappear.

Is Hornsby killing all of Oceanside?

The ladies of Oceanside, their hands tied behind, held by Commonwealth soldiers in a scene from The Walking Dead.

The final scene in the second half of Season 11 was chilling: Hornsby lined up all the members of Oceanside in front of him, tossing a coin in the air. The implication was that wherever he landed would determine whether he let them all live or die. It was a chilling reminder of when Simon visited Oceanside and brutally murdered all the men.

Oceanside and its members haven’t been seen much on the show, quietly living their lives while doing whatever they can to help other communities. If Hornsby kills everyone, it will almost certainly spark an even more brutal war than the one already brewing.

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