10 best new thrillers in 2022

With the release of new fan-favorite episodes stranger things This summer, content creators continued to bring viewers thrilling new thrillers to watch in 2022. With dark storylines and suspenseful plot twists, the thriller genre seems to get better every year.

From the supernatural to haunting crime mysteries, thrillers contain a variety of subgenres that evoke emotion in audiences, creating suspense, fear and anticipation. Many of these shows are plot driven, but the focus on engaging characters also hooks the viewer. With no shortage of exciting new thrillers to watch on TV, Ranker fans voted for their favorites.


ten Outdoor beach

Outer Range Josh Brolin Cronus god time

The Amazon Prime series follows a rancher as he strives to protect his ranch and stumbles upon mysterious secrets in the Wyoming region. Outdoor beach is a perfect blend of modern western, science fiction and time travel.

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The series is slow-paced, with the storyline and characters taking a bit longer to develop than viewers might expect. Each episode builds its own pacing, culminating in unexpected twists, subtle dialogue, and a suspenseful cliffhanger in the finale. The series is praised for the captivating performances of Josh Brolin, Lili Taylor and Will Patton. With high anticipation of what will happen next, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement of a second season.

9 Deputy Tokyo

Ken Watanabe stars in a clip from the season 1 finale of Tokyo Vice

With Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe, Deputy Tokyo is dark, grainy and slowly building in tension. The series is based on a non-fiction novel that follows a young journalist as he works for one of Tokyo’s most respected publications. Along the way, he meets an older, more experienced detective and discovers the dark, down-to-earth nature of Japan’s criminal underworld.

The HBO Max series is praised for its beautiful cinematography set in the stunning Tokyo setting. The neon lights paired with the black tone of the series help highlight the authenticity of Japanese culture, as well as build tension while exploring its secret criminal lifestyle. To deal with mysterious deaths and a city full of corruption, many characters from Deputy Tokyo reap bravery and quick thinking skills. The crime thriller was also recently renewed for a second season.

8 The Envoys

Two priests stand surrounded by candles

The Envoys, Where Los Enviados, is a Spanish series on Paramount+ that follows two priests as they seek to uncover the mystery behind a missing religious healer. Along the way, they discover a psychiatric community that holds its own secrets.

The series highlights a complex character struggle as the priests are torn between their faith and the physical world around them. With controversial cultural and religious themes, this show isn’t for everyone, but it promises an exciting watch with unexpected twists and turns as the series culminates in a rewarding and suspenseful ending.

seven The girl before

Jane's image is reflected in a window on The Girl Before

The HBO Max miniseries follows a woman who is given the opportunity to move into a modern, luxurious rental home. As the series progresses, she learns of the former tenant’s mysterious death and begins to worry about her own fate at home.

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The similarities in the women’s stories grip viewers right from the start. The intricate storyline leads to exciting plot twists and the pacing is perfectly executed to eliminate any confusion. The dual-plot mystery is intimately balanced by suspenseful writing and excellent acting.

6 slow horses

Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb in Slow Horses.

Based on a bestselling novel, slow horses follows a group of misfit MI5 agents. When one of them sees an opportunity to redeem his career, he soon learns that his friends have their own plans for moving forward.

Gary Oldman shines in the Apple TV+ thriller by adding, at times, controversial and humorous commentary to the story throughout. Not only is this show a favorite new thriller, it was also voted one of the best new TV shows of 2022 by Ranker users. An engaging spy thriller, the series starts out slow, but builds in intensity over several episodes, allowing time for the plot and characters to deepen and connect with the audience.

5 The end game

The two leads of NBC's The Endgame stand together.

The end game is an NBC Original that pits two fiercely strong female characters against each other. The first is a sexy and brilliant criminal mastermind. The second is a relentless and strong FBI agent.

The series is fast-paced, action-packed, and thrilling at every turn. Morena Baccarin, well known for her role in dead Pool, is perfect as the queen. Dark, mysterious and bent on revenge, she’s the perfect foil for Ryan Michelle Bathe’s FBI character. The end game is ultimately an intriguing game of cat and mouse that leaves viewers on the edge of their seat.

4 in cold

A woman holds a gun in firing position in Into the Cold.

When the new life of an ex-Russian spy is discovered, she must choose between addressing her mysterious past to help the US government or endangering her family’s new life. In both cases, in cold is filled with action, suspense and drama.

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The Netflix series is an intriguing take on a female assassin character with superhuman skills. This creates several unexpected plot twists throughout. The chemistry between the main characters, played by Margarita Levieva and Cillian O’Sullivan, keeps the pace tight and exciting with each episode.

3 shiny girls

Brilliant Girls 102 Wagner Moura

shiny girls follows a woman trapped in an ever-changing reality after her brutal assault. The series is shocking and suspenseful as viewers travel through different timelines to connect the present with the mysteries of the past. It’s a show that requires total attention to keep up with its complexity.

Elizabeth Moss stars alongside a well-known ensemble in this crime thriller on Apple TV+. The series delves deeper than a classic thriller as the killer is revealed early on. The suspense comes from exploring the killer’s motives and what he’s up to next. shiny girls is a unique crime story told in reverse that’s another “slow burn”, but eventually turns into a gripping finale.

2 Archives 81

Melody holds her video camera and looks scared in Archive 81

A dark and supernatural thriller, Archives 81 follows a young archivist as he is tasked with restoring a collection of videotapes damaged in a fire. The tapes come from a documentary filmmaker during her investigation of a dangerous cult. The series is a mix of several genres, such as sci-fi, horror, and mystery, which makes each episode suspenseful and original.

The series was adapted from a popular podcast of the same name. The found footage technique is also a great throwback to some of the horror classics, like The Blair Witch Project. This visualization places the viewer alongside the protagonist, immersing them in the haunting mystery. Amazingly, Netflix canceled the show just two months after the series premiered, despite rave reviews. However, most fans agree on the thrills and chills created from Archive 81 still deserve a binge-watch.

1 Breakup

Scene from the Severance episode "the you you are".

Breakup follows a team of employees who undergo surgery to share their memories between professional and personal life. What initially seems like the perfect form of work/life balance ends up being anything but. The gradual awakening of the “innies” creates suspense and intrigue for the viewer as they eagerly await the next plot twist.

This Apple TV+ series is Ranker’s favorite new thriller TV show of 2022. Breakup is a bizarre puzzler that plays with the viewer, especially with the finale’s abrupt cliffhanger. With the announcement of a second season, fans are looking forward to several scenes to look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

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