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When you retire, the loan for the construction should really be completed, as you probably can not pay the pension for a house. Credit from grandma, building money from uncle. “Credit for home furnishings [SOLVED in – 08/2018]

It is not easy to clarify your questions because they go far beyond a conventional credit rating issue. Nevertheless, I would like to take a closer look at the general conditions: 45,000 EUR for a new piece of furniture sound * very * not only for me at first glance. 2. Even if the equipment is of the highest quality, after seven to ten years you might want to renew the equipment or adjust to the latest color and fashion trends?

Double earning is the best way to try it, a loan comparison or one of the bank’s well-developed websites. For a loan with an interest of just under 4% (non-binding Medibank (link of the editors: example) a monthly fee of 703, -? on.

That’s a bit too high, unless you two really need it. Therefore, my very personal tip: I would not buy all the new models, even if they do not fit to both of you at first glance. If you really want to live there for a long time, you can rebuild the facility over time.

Therefore, I would start with a loan of 15,000 EUR and take care of the living room and bedroom. That does not make much difference if you want to change all furniture now.

How can I find a loan for home furniture?

We checked the offer and determined a loan amount of approx. EUR 15,000. We would not only live in our dream house, but also have our dream equipment. Since we have not been able to save anything in the last few years, we are now looking for a loan for the home furnishings. My wife and I are working in an agency.

Our home loans received the conditions of the public service at that time. 2. Now we are also considering using our public service mandate for a new loan. We are considering giving a new loan or raising our home loan. Can we perhaps also grant a loan to the civil servants because of our work in the civil service or just for the civil servants?

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