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We usually decide on cash loans when suddenly some unexpected expenditure occurs, which we do not want or cannot give up. It can be, for example, a foreign trip for a child or an opportunity (though more often a necessity) to buy electronic equipment at a very good price. Many borrowers also decide to repay their previous financial liabilities with funds obtained from a cash loan.

MyBank cash loan – the most important information for the borrower

MyBank cash loan - the most important information for the borrower

What should we know if we are interested in MyBank cash loan? Most importantly, get some key information before you decide to sign up for an MyBank cash loan application. The interest rate, installment, maximum loan amount – this is what should primarily interest us.

What does MyBank cash loan look like in these respects? Very attractive. Especially in terms of interest rate and APRC. The interest rate is only 7.7% and APRC only 10.43%. Thanks to this, taking a loan of e.g. 30,000 for 120 months (10 years), our monthly installment will be just PLN 396.

MyBank cash loan – how to get it?

MyBank cash loan - how to get it?

Experienced borrowers who are aware of the fact that the loan offer on the market is currently very diverse, begin the process of applying for a loan by entering the website providing a free comparison website of offers from various banks.

Check how easy it is. In the tool, set the amount and number of installments you are interested in, and then choose the best offer, e.g. MyBank cash loan in question. Then just click “ask for credit” to send your application quickly.

MyBank cash loan – when should you expect to receive money?

MyBank cash loan - when should you expect to receive money?

If you want to quickly withdraw cash from the loan, MyBank cash loans will be a good solution. First of all, because MyBank pays a lot of attention to the speed of verifying the application.

People who have an account in this bank can count on money the fastest, because they can submit an application online, choosing even the most convenient day for paying the installment. After the loan decision has been granted, the bank will immediately pay the borrower money to his bank account.

MyBank cash loan – calculator

MyBank cash loan - calculator

How to use the loan calculator if you are interested in the MyBank offer? It is child’s play. If you use the calculator available on, just enter the amount you are interested in and choose the repayment period. In response, we will get information about the installment amount, general loan costs, interest rate or commission.

MyBank cash loan – customer reviews

MyBank cash loan - customer reviews

What opinions does the cash loan have at MyBank? Customers who have already benefited from this loan are happy to list its pros and cons. The most important advantages include quick verification of the application and the ability to decide for yourself the date of repayment of installments.

It’s good to know that this date can be changed for free in the future. The advantage is also the high loan amount and the long loan period. It is also important for every borrower whether the loan period can be extended free of charge. It is possible at MyBank. The same applies to earlier repayment of debt.

MyBank’s offer regarding cash loans is also addressed to people who have no experience in taking loans, which is why they usually do not understand the provisions contained in loan agreements. At MyBank, the entire contract is in the simplest language possible.

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